The 1977 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


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Ever hear a carbureted 475hp pure muscle Pontiac Trans Am sitting behind you in traffic. People do when Scott Reid drives this terror around. Scott writes:

     "Here is the T/A every high school male wants including the rumpity rump big block huge cam sound! This cat is a 77 but the roof was replaced by a donor 78 to get the fisher T-tops. This car really gets with the program, it's running a 475 horse 455 with a four speed, headers, flowmasters, performer rpm intake, 850 double pumper, subframe connectors and a whole lot more, This car I drive, it's a blast!"

Scott owns several nice TAs including a pristine original '78 Trans Am that can be seen at '78 Firebirds Lot#3 and a beautiful '79 Special Edition Trans Am that can be seen at '79 SE Trans Ams Lot#1.



Chris Castor owns this black Trans Am. Chris writes:

     "Hey, I'm sending some pics of my '77 Trans Am. It all started actually in 1979, which is also the year I was born. My grandmother and aunt, within a year of each other, purchased firebirds, one a '79 and the other an '80. From the time I knew what a firebird was, I wanted one. Finally after 19 years I finally got some cash together and went looking. I found this one online and a few days later drove to Canton Ohio to see it. As soon as I walked around the corner of the owners condo, I was sold... I have owned her now for a little over 6 years and barring any absolute need to sell her, I never plan to. The paint still needs redone, because of lacquer cracks which was planned to be done shortly after purchase, but college and bills had put all of this on hold. The paint is now planned for this winter after cruising season. The interior is mostly all original besides carpet and a headliner that were replaced by the previous owners. The '79-81 style decal kit was already on her when I bought her, but complements the firethorn interior very nicely. After the repaint I am debating on reapplying this same decal kit or a Light/Dark orange version of the '77 style kit. Either way I don't plan to apply the "standard" gold on black when I have that bright red interior there. Although I am a fan of originality, I like mine being something a little different than what you normally see. The original block and heads are on a stand in my garage replaced w/ an early '70's 400 block bored .030 over w/ forged pistons, Ram Air IV cam, and #16 heads, all machined by Station Auto in Coraopolis, PA. The car is not a daily driver and is only driven on the nicest days and to shows. Well that's me for now. I will send updates soon as well as more pics when the paint is complete."

Chris just recently sent me this updated information on his TA:

     "The full restoration is complete after 2 years. She has finally received a name but its due to an unfortunate circumstance. My aunt that I had mentioned in my last letter has passed away from cancer in Feb '09. She's the person majorly responsible for my love for Firebirds and T/A's. I found it only fitting to name mine "Lynne Ann" in her memory. The last picture included in this set is of her with her 1980 Firebird Esprit taken shortly after her purchasing it. That's also my Grandmother's '79 in the background. My T/A has come a long way in the 10 years I have owned her with a lot of work and help from Family and Friends. I'd like to thank my father especially for all of his help in this project and I appreciate you continuing to let me be a part of your site!"

Chris Castor



This TA is owned by Guy Jones. Guy writes:

     "This is my newly purchased '77 Trans Am. This car is about 95% restored. I have the snowflake rims off being re-conditioned right now. I stole this beauty for $2500.! It's not a special edition, but it looks the part of a Y81 hard top S/E and drives like new! Thanks for posting the pics!"

Guy Jones (Michigan)



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