The 1975 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


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Kayle Boween owns this Firebird Esprit. Kayle writes:

     "1975 Firebird Esprit, 350 5.7L Car is located in California. I bought it in 2000 with 95K Original Miles. Soon to put on a 72 Front end on it and a Rear Spoiler. Its going to have a 4 Inch Cowl hood, and going to be painted black with tinted windows with every light blacked out. It will soon have Performance Parts on the original block. The Interior and Exterior was in perfect condition when I first bought it and still is. It was garaged for many years. Soon it will be a Beast. But I will send more pictures when done."




David Shabtay owns this pristine Firebird Esprit. David writes:

     "This is my 1975 Pontiac Firebird Esprit. All original, besides paintjob. (orig. color), 49,000 orig. miles 350 AT 2bbl. I recently purchased the car from its 3rd owner, and the 49,000 miles are original. It has a 2bbl Pontiac 350 automatic transmission. I recently added a Flowmaster exhaust system, and plan to replace the stock CAT with a high flow. Everything else on this car is stock with the exception of the paint. Thanks so much!"



Silver Trans Am The '74 and '75 year models were the only two the utilize the rubber strip in the front and rear to meet the 5mph impact requirements for bumpers. The '75 year model saw the introduction of the familiar wraparound window, the new Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS), catalytic converters and single exhaust systems.



Blue Trans Am An awesome looking blue Trans Am. I'd be proud to have this one in the driveway. Color options for the Trans Am grew once again in '75 with the addition of Sterling Silver. Admirality Blue was replaced with Stellar Blue and Cameo White and Buccaneer Red continued as regulars. Another new color option for '75 came with the rally IIs. They could now be ordered "painted" to match the body color.



Green Trans Am (149195 bytes) Manuel Jimenez owns this excellent original Trans Am. Manuel writes:

     "Can you add my 1975 Trans am to your gallery. It has a 400 pontiac engine with 50,000 miles. It is Emerald green."

Manuel Jimenez

Hopefully Manuel will provide us with more info on this one...



2scoop.jpg (40370 bytes) This diagram was provided to me by Phil Pollard. Its a graphical representation of how the Formula hood evolved from 1969 to 1981. A recent discussion about which hood was correct for what year model on the Pontiac E-Mail List proved that several people were somewhat confused as to which hood WAS appropriate for what year. As a result Phil drew up this diagram and forwarded it to me to display for you. Thanks Phil...

Diagram courtesy of Phil Pollard.



Silver Esprit This Sterling silver Firebird Esprit was owned by Ken Carothers. It was the first Firebird he had owned. Besides the code 13 silver paint it came with a deluxe black interior. He bought it in 1980 from a neighbor for $1500. The bird needed some work so Ken and his father did some bodywork on it including removing the vinyl top, filling the trim clip holes, and touching up numerous parking dings. A rear spoiler was added during the process and then it was repainted with silver DuPont Imron paint. As a slight cosmetic enhancement Ken decided to black out the taillight bezels.
         This particular Esprit got the 350c.i. mill. It generated 155hp with a 2bbl carburetor. A TH350 handled the shifting and the rear gears were a conservative 2.56. Ken decided on a set of 235/60R15s for tires. All the hard work paid off when the car took first place in an AutoRama held in Bryan College Station, TX in 1982. Ken would later sell the car.



White Trans Am A rear view of the '75 Trans Am. A host of options was offered as standard equipment on Pontiac's premier ponycar. Variable ratio power steering, a limited slip rear end, front wheel disc brakes, Rally II wheels, Sport Formula steering wheel, Rally gauges including a tach and clock, sport suspension, dual outside mirrors, a full spoiler package covering each wheel and the trunk, chrome exhaust tips and a 225hp version of the 400 mill. All for $4,350.

Photo courtesy of Mark Allbaugh.



Red Trans Am (36620 bytes)

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Red Trans Am (53993 bytes)
Here ya go boys and girls, this is what its all about!! Chris owns this track taming Trans Am. Chris writes:

     "Here is my 1975 Trans Am. Built with a 400, th-350, and a 12bolt chevy (had a 10bolt 2.56:1 rear) with a 4.33:1 rear gear. Has a MSD 6AL for spark. Uses Barry Grant Silver Claw carb. and Rock and Roll Engineering prepped Edelbrock aluminum heads. 3" pipes x crossover for the exhaust. 400 built with 8.42:1 compression - TRW forged pistons. Cam is .573" 267@.050, solid cam. Car weighs 3900lbs with driver (that's on a 300lb diet). On pump gas through mufflers and dot tires car runs 11.90's@117mph. The interior is in the process of being restored. California car, no snow or salt. Matching #'s. Options: pw, ps, pb, ac, tilt, and tinted windows."




The '75 year model saw only subtle changes from the '74s. The most noticeable was the parking lamps on the front end were moved from the lower half of the front end in the valance panel to just inside the grilles in the upper half of the front end. The lights were positioned at the far right and left of the grilles to position them near the headlight. In the past I felt this slight change made the front end less attractive but it has grown on me in recent years.

This Trans Am sports the Buccaneer red paint available from '73 to '75, a deluxe red interior (note the horsecollar style front bucket seats), complete with factory 8-track player and the highly desirable 400/4-Speed combination.



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