The 1969 Pontiac Firebird


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This is one of two Firebirds owned by Chris. Chris writes:

      "I bought this Firebird in Aug of '97 for $6,000. It was green with black interior and had 121,000 on the original motor and its original top. All I have done to this car is new paint, top, and interior. It has a 400 with a M20 4-speed. The only plans for this car is disk brakes, bigger sway bars front and back, RAIII headers, and rebuild the motor to stock specs."



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This is the other Firebird in Chris' collection. Chris writes:

     "I bought this Firebird for my 18th birthday for $1,500. I've had the car 18 years now. It was silver blue with a white interior, 350 with an automatic and a 2:56 single leg rear end. Then it went to a dark blue with black interior and a 400 and shift kit and a 3:08 posi. After that I put in disc breaks, a 455 with #670 heads, an M21 4-speed, Holly 780, Hooker headers, and a Crane cam 508/532 with 250psi per cylinder and about 13:1 compression. I raced it at Fremont raceway in '88 and '89 and then I went for a street livable car so I put in a 428, #48 heads, RAIII headers and cam, same 4-speed with a 3:73 posi topped with a '66 tri power dished to 9.5:1 compression."



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Green Firebird (35965 bytes)

Green Firebird (34559 bytes)

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Custom Engine (39396 bytes)
This wildly customized green Firebird is currently owned by Jim Robson. He is looking to sell it or (preferably) trade it. If you'd like to contact him about it click on the e-mail link below. Here's a breakdown on this envious bird:
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Original 350 engine Fresh painted block with New
     Chrome accessories and Braided wires
7push.gif (1016 bytes)#62 HO heads, with new HD valves and 1.65 roller tip
     rockers From Nunzi's of Brooklyn
7push.gif (1016 bytes)Edelbrock Alum. Intake
7push.gif (1016 bytes)1969 GTO Camshaft
7push.gif (1016 bytes)MSD 6AL
7push.gif (1016 bytes)Blaster coil
7push.gif (1016 bytes)Carter AFB with electric choke
7push.gif (1016 bytes)Custom made desert cooler 4 row radiator
7push.gif (1016 bytes)Newly rebuilt Turbo 350 trans with street shift Kit
7push.gif (1016 bytes)B&M ratchet shift, with street stall converter
7push.gif (1016 bytes)3.42 10-bolt Posi Rear
7push.gif (1016 bytes)New driveshaft

7push.gif (1016 bytes)All new gauges on the hood.)
7push.gif (1016 bytes)Centerline Hell-Cats and Avon Directionals)
7push.gif (1016 bytes)New leaf springs and frame mounts,
7push.gif (1016 bytes)New poly bushings, hd shackles,
7push.gif (1016 bytes)2.5" Flowmasters, air shocks, Chrome Side pipes
7push.gif (1016 bytes)All NEW orig Firebird emblems, Birds, markers, etc..

Jim writes:

     "Car can run 13.4 sec @ 106 mph w/pump gas and street tires, but has not been raced since I have owned it, I have retired it.. Only when my WIFE drives it does it get raced :- ) It makes a great daily driver, usually driven 4-5 times a week during Spring/Fall. Always garaged ! The car is a real head turner and a blast to drive!!"

E-mail: Jim Robson



This green Firebird is owned by John Fiorante. John writes:

     "This is John Fiorante's 1969 Firebird. This car has a 455, 11:1 compression, 750 Holly Double Pumper and does 11.40 in the quarter mile."




Long-time friend of the Gallery, Gilbert Carreon, owns this 1969 Firebird. Gilbert writes:

     "So I found this car online in April of 2007, and called right away. Two days later I had paid for it, and 10 days later it was in my garage. This one is top of the line, with the 400 Motor, Power disc brakes, power windows, power antenna, rally II rims, deluxe interior, working A/C and Power top. This will be a show car after we clean and polish, and replace a few trim items."

Gilbert has been a heavy contributor to the models section of this website supplying with me great images for the majority of the kits I have on display. Recently, Gilbert finally took the time to send me some pics of the several different Firebirds he owns. He also owns:
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