The 1969 Pontiac Firebird


69fb23.jpg (62302 bytes) This is a rare 400 H.O. Firebird. Its rare because very few 400 H.O.s were built without the optional Ram Air package that could be had in 69' for an extra $76.88. It was featured in the October 95' issue of High Performance Pontiac. The ad covered the complete restoration of the car and rebuild of the original numbers matching 400.

Photo courtesy of High Performance Pontiac. 1998



69fb24.jpg (21072 bytes) I'm not sure if this car was in a parade or parked quickly for the photo. This is a nice Firebird and I wouldn't park out in the street like this. Interesting that the owner chose to leave all the windows up with the top down. Maybe you half to have owned a convertible to understand. I haven't owned a convertible yet.



This cool green Firebird has some after market rims and what looks like maybe some ladder bars or traction control bars on the rear. Could be air shocks too.



69fb26.jpg (65358 bytes) This red convertible looks like its sitting in a showroom somewhere. Probably a promotional thing to help drum up local business.



69fb27.jpg (27518 bytes) This is a Firebird dressed up to look like a Trans Am. The owner did a good job too, the only reason I'm sure is because I read the information on the car when I first got this pic. I haven't been able to find it again to bring you the same information I read. Maybe the owner will see it here and send me an e-mail.



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69fb28.jpg (46306 bytes) The owner of this car recently identified himself to me after seeing his Firebird here on the site. His name is Tom Sexton. I'm working with Tom right now to get some new updated pics of the car and all the pertinent information to go with them. So far Tom writes:

    "The car is owned by me and it currently has a 400 Ram Air V and a TH400."
        Some options:

       Cruise Control
       Factory 8 track
       Fold down rear seat



Orange Firebird This is an interesting frontal shot of an orange Firebird. The paint could be the original Carousel Red paint that was offered for this year model. Note the aftermarket rims, the oversize rear tires, the hood locks and some kind of incorrect aftermarket antenna. These mods are mild compared to the things that were done to these cars when they first came out.



69fb30.jpg (58816 bytes) This Palladium Silver convertible belongs to Chris Phillip. The engine is the 400HO rated at 335hp. This is a rare Firebird but for an unusual reason. Its only 1 of 57 that was built with the 400HO but without "functional" Ram Air. The car was special ordered in California by a dealer for his private collection. Its optioned heavily with power windows, power seat, A/C, power top, AM/FM stereo and a black deluxe interior. Two of the 57 non Ram Air equipped cars are on this site.

Chris own several other rare Firebirds including a 1 of 1 factory painted candy apple green Firebird 400 Grand Marque and a Ram Air I Firebird with 30,000 original miles (see the 68' Firebirds Lot#3).



69fb31.jpg (81092 bytes) A Carousel Red convertible. A lot of changes took place with the Firebird for the '69 year model. Most noticeably on the front end. The headlights were now encased in fiberglass panels painted to match the body and the chrome nose was severely reduced in size seeming to protrude too far forward. Another change seldom noticed was the wheel openings, they were now flat at the top versus the previous rounder designs. On a different note some changes and new items would appear on the interior too. Over the shoulder seat belts would make their first appearance in the Firebird and the dash was an all new design.

Photo courtesy of Mark Allbaugh.



Red Firebird This photo was sent to me by Chris Batson. He saw it and took this picture while attending a car show in Watertown, SD. The owner had found the car in a farmers barn with corn growing up all around it and bought it cheap. The car had been purchased by the farmers son in 69'. Two weeks later the son was off to Vietnam and sadly didn't return.



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