The 1967 Pontiac Firebird
Lot #2


Eric Blankenship owns this bright blue Firebird. Eric writes:

     "My Firebird has an all new drive train, 500hp 455 (has all the good quality stuff!) built by famed Pontiac racer, Tom Wilhite. 3.73 Moser engineering 12 bolt posi. 4-speed Muncie from Ron Worthen (featured in car craft). A solid car, the original build sheet was still in the car when I purchased it. Found the car in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2002, had been sitting under a pine tree since 1987. The car was originally a 326 2-spd auto black vinyl top car. Re-painted in its original Tyrol Blue. Nice web site! Thank you for picturing my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Eric Blankenship, Wichita, Kansas



Red Firebird (148393 bytes)

Red Firebird (111989 bytes)

Red Firebird (124367 bytes)

Red Firebird (150606 bytes)
Trent Fujise's Firebird 400 Coupe was originally purchased by his grandfather and was driven daily in Chicago for 15 years. The car is 98% original and Trent hopes to get it to 100% someday. The car has only racked up 65,000 easy miles. A 4-speed and deluxe black interior are just some of the options that came with this bright red Firebird. I'd say that's a pretty nice looking Firebird after 15 years of daily driver use.

Trent recently sent me these larger and better quality images of his Firebird. Trent writes:

     "Here are some update pictures of my '67 Firebird 400. You already have my car in Lot #2. The pictures you have were taken when I first took possession of the car. The attached pictures are what the car looks like today. Still a work in progress. You are doing a great job with the website."



Red Firebird 400 Coupe Doug Charnley is the happy owner of this awesome looking Firebird! Doug writes:

     "I purchased this 67 400 coupe in August. I am the fourth owner and definitely the last one. This bird was originally silver with red interior and the previous owner had it painted red. He also had the engine rebuilt about 2000 miles ago based on a 1987 Popular Hot Rodding article on Building the Pontiac 400 for Performance. Needless to say, this car moves. Also many body panels were replaced by him. I have all the original paperwork including the identacard and all receipts from anything that was done to the car from day one. The bird was originally purchased in NJ in May 1967 and was driven by the original owner until 1984. My bird has PS/PB, standard interior, 4speed, console, and posi. Not too heavily optioned. I just got a hood tach for xmas and I will be slowly adding moldings on the rockers and wheel wells over time. I added new Radial T/As and new Delco gas shocks. I've just finished taking out the interior, painting the floors with POR-15, repainting the console and adding  new carpet."



67fb26.jpg (62482 bytes) A green Firebird 400 coupe. Obvious options include a hood tach, rally IIs with beauty rings, chrome exhaust tips, and a dark green vinyl top. I don't think the owner could have picked a better setting to take this picture. 



White Firebird (279076 bytes)

White Firebird (222923 bytes)

White Firebird (246204 bytes)
Dave Clark owns this drag-race ready Firebird. Dave built it for the strip and then decided to keep it on the street. Dave writes:

     "My name is Dave Clark from Bel Air, Maryland. Here is some info and history on my '67 Pro-street Firebird. Its powered by a .030 over 454 Big Block Chevy with a 400 turbo and a Dana 60 rear end. I built this car from the ground up. I bought it in 1986, tore it apart and 9 years later I drove it for the first time. I  drive this car every weekend (weather permitting). I had a '68 400 Firebird in high school and was sorry I ever sold it. I have always loved the 1st Generation Firebirds .  
I was a racer for years and when I started building this car it was to race in the heads up 10.90 Super Street class in NHRA. As time went on (wife, kids and a house) money played a big factor in finishing the car. In the 9 years it took me to put it together the Pro-Street movement was in full swing and I enjoyed seeing other racers put their cars on the street and were spending ALOT less money and having the same amount of fun cruising on the street. I was hooked so I put it on the street. It still has all the race car goodies in it (12-point roll cage, line-loc and other stuff) but I drive it every weekend, weather permitting. I raced it one weekend at a test and tune at Cecil County Dragway here in Maryland and best ET was a 10.51 @ 127.25 MPH ( uncapped with slicks). That was in 1999 and that was the first and last time I will race it.  Also, at least here anyway, you don't see a lot of 67 Firebirds so I enjoy the looks and comments I get at car shows. Here is some info on the car:

.030 over 454 Big Block Chevy
11 to 1 TRW pistons
Closed Chamber Square Port heads
Crower .626 .619 Flat Tappet Cam
Edelbrock Intake
Barry Grant 910 CFM Holley carb
MSD billet Dist. with 6AL
Trans: 400 Turbo
Hipster Trans Brake
Trans Specialties 5000 Converter
Turbo-Action Cheetah SCS Shifter
Strange 35 Spline Axles
Strange spool
4:88 Richmond gears

All the work on the car was done by myself with alot of help from friendsexcept the chassis work and paint. The chassis was done by Autofab Race Cars in Baltimore and the paint by Mike Fisher. Everything works on the car ( Headlights, turn signals and such) it has the stock dash and door panels and headliner and it even has factory tilt wheel!! Like I said I have owned it for 17 years and I dont think I could ever sell it, its too much fun to drive! Hope this info helps you and if you or any visitors to your site have any questions feel free to E-mail me. Thanks again and thanks for a great website.

Dave Clark



Mariner Turquoise Firebird (59001 bytes)

Mariner Turquoise Firebird (65876 bytes)

Mariner Turquoise Firebird (41480 bytes)

Mariner Turquoise Firebird (50196 bytes)

Mariner Turquoise Firebird (46674 bytes)
This great looking Firebird is owned by Chuck Larsen. Chuck writes:

     "I have finished my 67 project firebird and my wife is enjoying her 2002 firebird. Now we each have our dream cars, I have the first one produced (1967) she has the last one (2002). Its not original... it was an OHC sprint six, but the engine was too far gone. I replaced it with a 350 crate engine, put a 400 hood on it, with the 350 emblems, painted it close to original mariner turquoise, and replaced the three speed on the flour with a turbo 350 automatic so my wife can drive it.  But it's an original and I'm loving it to death. It took about 13 months of work every week and sometimes a lot of extra time."



Gold Convertible Firebird (140894 bytes)

Gold Convertible Firebird (136932 bytes)

Gold Convertible Firebird (102232 bytes)

Gold Convertible Firebird (115548 bytes)

Gold Convertible Firebird (118592 bytes)
Dan Sheldon owns this incredible Firebird. The color is Coronado Gold with gold metal flake. Its a convertible with the highly desirable 400/4-speed combo. Dan writes:

     "This was originally an alpine blue car. When we bought it 15 years ago the previous owners had it painted gold w/ clearcoat. We have redone the motor, trans, rear, major mechanicals; and recently, have completely redone all the bodywork and decided we liked the gold even though its not the original paint color.
This color is quite close to the spring '67 Coronado gold color but with more metal flake. In bright sun it really sparkles, but with clouds it looks very subtle."

Options List:
Safe-T-Trac Rear with 3.55 gears 
Rally Gauge Package 
Hood Tach
Black Deluxe Interior with console
Black Power Top
AM/FM Radio
Wood (style) Steering Wheel
Front 4 Piston Disc Brakes
15" Rally IIs

You can see more pics of the restoration of this Firebird at Dan's Online Photo Album.



67fb31.jpg (52098 bytes) This gold is the same color my GTO is currently painted. This beautiful Firebird is optioned more to my tastes with the Rally IIs, hood scoops and hood tach. Nothing like a cool hood tach to let people know you mean business.



67fb32.jpg (38704 bytes) Red paint!!! Convertible!!! A firebird!!! Parked next to a cool GTO!!!! What more could a guy ask  for?! Except maybe a date with the girl checking out the goat!!



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