The 1967 Pontiac Firebird
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This beautiful Plum Mist Ram Air I Firebird belongs to Jim Mattison of Pontiac Historic Services. Only 65 "Ram Air" Firebirds were built in 1967, 45 manuals and 20 automatics. This car is one of the ultra rare 20 automatics. Factory equipment installed besides the Ram Air engine includes:

bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) "Plum Mist" color
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Deluxe Parchment Interior
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Fold Down Rear Seat
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Wood Wheel
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Hood Mounted Tachometer
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Full Gauges
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Power Disc Brakes
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Rally II Wheels
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) Redline Tires
bb_pr.gif (263 bytes) 3.90:1 Safe-T-Track Rear Axle

According to Jim there are only three of these cars known to exist and this is the only one that is complete which further increases the rarity of this car. Jim is the owner of Pontiac Historic Services. For a small fee you can send PHS the Vin# from your Pontiac and you'll get a package of information on your car including a copy of the original build sheet.

Pontiac Historic Services

This Firebird was added to the '67 Lots when first added to the site. Now that I have moved it to the Conours section I'm going to try to get Mr. Mattison to send me a lot more pics and info on this incredible Firebird.



67fb11.jpg (77058 bytes) Brian Busch's Firebird convertible comes equipped a little differently than most. It started out life with a (in Brian's words) "wimpy" 6 cyl. The owner before him dropped in a 350 "crate" motor and that's what it had when he picked it up. But Brian felt that a muscle car should have some muscle and with the motto "there's no replacement for displacement" dropped in a 71' 455. With ported 96cc 400/4v heads, 1.65 rockers, forged rods, 10:1 pistons, an "S" series factory camshaft, a Holley 3310/750cfm dual feed single pump with vacuum secondaries on Edelbrock Performer manifold, and an MSD 6Al/blaster ignition, Brian estimates his horsepower at 450. Since his gas gauge needle has begun racing the speedometer needle to see which one can get all the way to the right the quickest Brian says he might put the 1.5 rockers back on. He's owned the car for eight years and is looking for a 77' Bandit Trans Am or 74' Formula 455 HO for his next project.         



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Blue Firebird (34652 bytes)
Murray McGill owns this deep navy blue metallic Firebird Coupe. The car is stock with the original 326c.i. engine and automatic on the column. His Firebird has power steering, a factory AM radio, a black factory "custom" interior, and rally IIs sporting BF Goodrich T/As. Murray has documented his car with Pontiac Historical Services and found that this car is an early production, numbers matching car that originated in California. Murray recently sent me this update:

     "I have been working on my '67 coupe (the 326) that you have in your gallery. The car has undergone a fair amount of restoration since early in 1998. I have had the entire drive train, suspension and chassis restored and detailed, along with the addition of a newly built up 455 Pontiac engine under the hood. I have also started the interior restoration and it is coming along nicely.
The engine is a mild 455 bored .030 over to bring it up to 462ci. It has an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, Ram Air 3 (068) cam and larger exhaust valves. Heddman headers, a Flowmaster exhaust, and a built TH350 to handle the torque have been installed. A 3.08 10 bolt posi was added for cruising out back. It has plenty of go even with the 3.08. The site looks great too."

E-mail: Murray McGill    



Steve D. owns this red '67 Firebird. Steve writes:

     "Here are some pictures of my 1967 Firebird that I've been working on for the last 3 years. I've owned this car sense I was 15 years old. It was my high school car and had been parked in my garage for 12+ years. I've been steadily been working on restoring my car. Although no longer original it is one hell of nice car to drive!
I've had this car for 24 years and other than the smiles on my children's faces nothing makes my smile so much as this car. I've only dreamed of having my car look and drive this good sense the when I was a kid first driving her. I truly have the dream car I've always wanted."

Specs on my car:

Was a 230 Sprint (yes I've saved the motor but wanted something for a daily driver) Now it is a Chevy 350 HO Crate (vortec heads and Holly 600) Hooker Headers Magnaflow X-Pipe with twin Magnaflow mufflers 410 Posi rear end with Auburn posi (was factory 3.23's) But still has factory traction bars!!
Borg Warner ST10 (Very shot thro ratio!)
14X7 Rally II's (These need to be re-painted) Dynamated everything!
Painless wires throughout
Black interior with cloth
Bucket seats (unfortunately, when I was a kid I got rid of rear bench seat)

Steve D.



Red Firebird (158999 bytes)

Red Firebird (201130 bytes)
This bright red Firebird is owned by Mike Huffman. Mike writes:

     "I own a 1973 T/A and I competed with it at the 1998 Pure Stock Drags which are run by Bob Boden and Dan Jensen. Great guys with a great event! As for new pics I had some bad luck with the motor and the car is apart right now. I must have mentioned the pics on the pure stock site as well as the car is in the latest Firebird Year One catalogue which I find flattering. I want to mention I have enjoyed many visits to your site and keep it on my favorites list. Also I'm just in the process of refinishing the '67 bird. I will be happy to send you the first pics of it in its fresh coat of Silver. Thanks for the mail."




67fb15.jpg (19406 bytes) John P. Marshall Jr used to be the owner of this Firebird 400 Coupe, before it was sold recently. While John owned the car he had the top end of the motor, the tranny, and the front end rebuilt. He also installed a non-factory stereo system. The Firebird was equipped with a 400 c.i. engine, turbo 400 transmission, a vinyl top, body side moldings, door edge guards, tinted glass, power steering, power brakes, a trunk mat, and a console.



White Convertible Firebird

White Convertible Firebird

White Convertible Firebird

White Convertible Firebird

White Convertible Firebird
If Kenny "G" had his way the Trans Am would have debuted 2 years earlier than it did. This is one of the coolest first gen Firebirds I've seen. Converting it to look like the legendary 69' Trans Am was just cool. The Firebird is equipped with a real 69' Trans Am all steel hood with reproduction pans underneath. The car is also equipped with the proper air extractors and trunk spoiler that you would find on any '69 TA. It even has a hood tach thrown in so Kenny can watch the RPMs from the '68 400 race with the fuel gauge. The 400 is from a GTO. The other GRRRREAT Pontiac musclecar.
The engine is stock minus a Pete Jackson gear drive. Kenny also upgraded the Bird's exhaust with 2" pipes and dual Flowmaster mufflers. The car also comes with a "must-have" 4-speed, power steering, a console, rally clock, rally gauges, a tilt formula steering wheel, fold down rear seat, AM radio, and a space saver spare. The Bird even has the correct blue interior and dark blue top that is consistent with the Trans Am theme. Kenny is definitely a Firebird fan. He has owned this particular car for eight years and its his sixth 1st gen. Consequently Kenny is also a fan and owner of Harley Davidsons. 
Kenny recently sent me some new pictures of his car outfitted with a set of Rally IIs. According to Kenny:

     "After about 6 years with the Center Lines on, it was time for a change.  Now the car appears almost completely stock."

Kenny owns two other Firebirds: A 1969 Trans Am (the real deal) that can be seen at 1969 Trans Ams Lot#1 and the newest member of the family a 1973 Formula that can be seen at Projects Lot#3.



Mike Sarullo owns this red Firebird. Mike writes:

     "Enthusiasts, I would like to get these pictures of my Firebird shown on your website. As I can appreciate the cars and all their horsepower, here is one that will shock the masses. This 1967 Firebird is a dying breed. It is an original, PHS documented, six cylinder, 230cc, OHC with a 2 speed transmission, built in February of 1967 with a serial number of 02348. The strange detail of this car is the transmission. It is equipped with an ST300, NOT a Powerglide. PHS informed me it is extremely difficult to calculate how many of these were produced. Chances are, not many, now 40 years later, I believe this combination, in running condition, is hard to find. Restoration occurred about 15 years ago for interior and exterior. I needed to rebuild the top end of the motor, the cam, cam followers, and valve stems were worn badly on the #2 cylinder. I hope everyone can appreciate this car as I do."

Thank you, Mike



These pictures are from John Bledsoe of Kenner, LA. John is also a member of and John writes:

     "This is my Uncle's 67 Firebird that he's owned since 1981. It was originally a 400 4-speed car, the original 400 was replaced with a 455 from a 1970 Grand Prix some time ago. He still takes it for a drive now and again, and needless to say it never fails to draw a crowd wherever it goes."



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Kelly Heflin owns this Firebird 400 Coupe. He's had the car for 10 years and has only racked up 60,000 miles. Equipment includes a 400 c.i. engine, Muncie 4-speed, and a posi-trac rear end. The car has been recently repainted a deeper red color and Kelly provided me with these awesome new pics.    

E-mail: Kelly Heflin



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