The 2000 Pontiac Firebird, Formula, 
Trans Am Lot#1


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The first 2000 model Trans Am to finally grace the website is owned by Brett Lewis. And what an awesome example it is......

   "Talk about the most amazing combination of smooth class and pure aggression; a 2000 silver exterior & black leather interior T-Top Trans Am / Ram Air with the WS6 performance package (350ci, 320+ HP, ram air induction, 6-speed manual with Hurst shifter, specially tuned suspension, 17 inch road hugging hi-speed rated tires, 6-way power seats, traction control and much more). Purrs like a kitten on the inside, rumbles like a big cat on the outside. Tap the accelerator and you better brace your neck or get whip lash. Hugs corners like glue and you definitely "feeeeel" the road. Gives me 28mpg on the highway. Add the 500 watt, 8 speaker Monsoon stereo system with some "traveling" music and you are in heaven. Turns everyone's head when they see it. Followed a silver and black Corvette one day and EVERYONE was looking at my Ram Air. Corvettes are a dime-a-dozen because so many folk have them. Ram Air owners love being different. Definitely not mainstream. We don't "keep up with the Jones's", we politely blow by their stationary butts."

Brett Lewis
Newton, Iowa



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Andy Anderson owns this incredible red convertible Trans Am. Andy writes:

     "My first car was a 1968 Le Mans with 350 Cubic Inches! It had less than 2000 miles (Thank you Uncle Max!). My best friend and I did 125MPH in it... TWICE... (curves kept us from going faster)...
He went home and told his brother...
Who told his mom...
Who told my dad...
Who sold my car for $500!!!
The way it worked was: 16 year old (me) + 125 MPH = 1 Volkswagen
So... as an adult... I have been looking for a car that could match that Le Mans...
I have gone through a dozen Mustangs to include four Cobras...
and even had a 93 Vette...
It drove like a Harley Davidson Hardtail...
There was always something missing...
Almost 30 years later I turned back to Pontiac... and did I ever! A 350 cubic inch, 320 horsepower, WS6 Trans Am Convertible... I'm in heaven...
I put a Borla Exhaust and painted Le Mans stripes on it... A few vintage emblems and people break their necks to look at it! I punched it from 0 to 60...
5 seconds flat...
I saw it then as I saw it in the Le Mans...
I will never be the same..."



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Chris & Diane Beckwith own this stunning red Ram Air Trans Am. Chris writes:

     "This is the machine that inspired my website - Mr. Ram Air's Website:

It is a bright red 2000 Ram Air Trans Am. Loaded. Options include: A4 tranny - Diane cannot drive a stick and had no desire to learn at 35 (when we ordered her in the fall of '99), traction control, cassette and 12 disc CD changer, 3.23 rear end (I insisted on this if we chose the A4 - it became standard with the A4 in 2001), ebony leather interior, Upgraded seats with power bolsters, and the five-spoke chromed 17x9" wheels (I was not fond of the torque six-spoke - obviously others were not, either as they eventually discontinued them). We thought that 2001 was to be the curtain call for the Trans Am, so we figured that we would get one while the getting was good. With the allocation system for Ram Airs being in place through 1999, we had no information to the contrary that it would not be in place going forward. Most dealers put a "rare vehicle" adder on the Ram Airs that hit the showroom floor. By ordering, we had the privilege of paying "only" sticker price. We figured for the last year there would be no getting around this adder. So we pulled the trigger on Labor Day, 1999.

We really wanted a CD in dash as well as the changer, but GM was not making that configuration until either later in 2000 or in 2001. That was always a gripe on the reviews that I had read for the 98 and 99 Trans Ams. Anyhow, the only performance enhancement I made was to use a K & N filter for the Ram Air box. She has so much get-up-and-go that I do not need to do anything else to her. She only has 2600 miles as of this writing (October 2001), and shall be a show car her entire long life.

After witnessing first-hand three of the four generations of Firebird, this is the ultimate machine! Raw power of the early seventies with the handling of a modern sports car! And a rust-free exterior (except for the rear quarter panels...)! Of course, The General had to kill off the F-Body just after he perfected it..."

Chris and Diane are big Firebird fans and host their own Firebird site entitled: Mr. Ram Air's Website
They own two other Firebirds that can be seen here at the Gallery:
1987 Firebird located in '87 Trans Ams Lot#1
1979 Trans Am located in '79 Trans Ams Lot#4

You can also see Diane's father's awesome 20th Anniversary Turbo TA at Anniversary Edition Trans Ams Lot#3



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Peter Popp owns this awesome looking Trans Am. Peter writes:

     "The 2000 Ram Air TA I own came stock with the 325-horse power LS1 aluminum V8. This wouldn’t do so I sought out an engine builder who was an engineer for GM during the 60’s-70’s. He’s local in Phoenix Az. He took the car for 5 weeks and did some intake manifold work, reprogrammed the control chip and did some other tweaking to achieve 360hp at the rear wheels on a dynamometer. That pesky skip shift switch was also bypassed, allowing me to shift whenever I please. Other than that the car is basically a stock WS6 with every option available at the time of purchase. I’ve owned this car for 18 months already and have almost 3,500 miles on it. Yes that’s correct 3,500, I just don’t drive much as I prefer to ride my 99 Bad Dog custom motorcycle and keep the Ram Air for special occasions."

Peter Popp



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This red hot Trans Am is owned by Ron Wagoner. Ron writes:

     "I've been looking at the Firebird Gallery for a while now and have been inspired to not only purchase a Trans Am but contribute a few shots of "my baby"! This is a 2000 red Trans Am, it has the 5.7 liter V8 and the 6-speed transmission. Also, it has t-tops, 12 disk CD changer, and all the other goodies. Unfortunately, what is doesn't have is the Ram-Air and WS6 package. Oh well, that'll probably save me a few speeding tickets!
Regardless, I absolutely adore this car. I began my driving "career" with a 1970 Firebird Formula 400 back in High School. My mother had a brand new 1979 Trans Am that I got to drive occasionally. During college I drove a 1968 Firebird 350 before finally giving up V8s to drive the 4-cylinders when I became more conscious of the price of gasoline. However, just in the last year I re-discovered Firebirds again and bought a 1979 Trans Am, a 1988 Trans Am, and finally this 2000 Trans Am. I had to get rid of the '79 and '88 but this 2000 is a joy to drive, so I think she'll be with me for a long time... at least until I can afford the Ram Air!"



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Matt Barry owns this great looking Trans Am. Matt writes:

     "Two weeks before I graduated college with my B.S., I saw this black Trans Am sitting in the dealer's lot.  I really wanted to wait until June or July to get another car, but for a 2 year old car to have 12k miles on it with the options that this one had in the condition this one is in, I couldn't pass it up.  After several days of scraping for a down payment and making sure I could afford the payments on my part time job until I found a real job, I went and signed my life away.  It was driven by a girl that works for the dealer.  She traded it in on the exact same car except in a 2002 with Ram Air. Here's the list of goodies in mine:  LS1 (duh), 6 speed, traction control, Monsoon CD system, black leather interior, T-tops, A/C, cruise.....  The only modification on the car was done by her- K&N air filter.  The only short term mod that is planned for it is an SLP skip shift eliminator.  Once I get it paid off and get something a little more practical, a supercharger may find it's way under the hood but for now, it cooks enough rice (and Rustangs) and is still decent to drive when it rains.  Anyway, I start a second job in a week to afford this car until I find a real job.  This will mean I'll be working 7 days a week again to afford the car.  And I thought since I was graduated, I was done with the 7 day work weeks..."

BTW, love your website.
Matt Barry

Matt also owns a red 1974 Firebird that can be seen at '74 Firebirds Lot#2.



Black Firebird (55984 bytes) This "PHAT" Firebird belongs to Monica Grubb. Monica writes:

     "This is my 2000 Pontiac Firebird....I think it will add alot to your site...

Currently my '00 bird has 18" Lexani Iris'...Streetglo competition neons (purple), Chrome flame tint, and posts a good message: "IT'S A GURL THANG". I am the Co-President of a car club out of Seymour TN, Lowered Luck. Thanx for your time..."




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Kerry Georges owns this ultra-cool black Trans Am. Kerry writes:

    "Here are some pictures of my 2000 Trans Am. Since these were taken, I have added custom exhaust tips along with a DynoMax exhaust. I will be changing the hood out for a WS6 hood in the near future. This is my second child hood car, although some would say I never left my first. My wife and I have had a ’67 GTO and a ’73 Firebird and then we had 2 kids. Now that they are grown, we are having fun again with our car. The logo below my signature is my design. I call it Crossfire for all of the Pirate Trans Ams out there."

Kerry L. Georges



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Mike Scherrer owns this bright red WS6 Trans Am. Mike writes:

     "This is my 2000 6spd WS6 Trans-Am. My father owned the famed 69' Firebird 400 and because of that I always was interested in the whole Firebird franchise. The look of this car is perfect, Pontiac did it right. The sound, smell, and fell compare to nothing. I detail cars and make sure this one looks the best. I get sick to my stomach every time I see a WS6 in poor condition. No matter how Ford changes the Mustang it still does not compete to the TA WS6."

BBK 80mm Throttle Body
SLP 85mm Mass Air Flow Sensor
SLP Smooth Bellow Tube
SLP Air Box Lid
K&N Air Filter
Flowmaster Exhaust
Dyno'd at 355hp

Mike Scherrer

Mike recently sent us an entire new set of pics!!



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Black Trans Am (82,109 bytes)

Black Trans Am (92,766 bytes)

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Black Trans Am (137,187 bytes)
Shauna Henson owns this Ram Air Trans Am. Shauna writes:

     "I got this as a birthday present to myself! It is a 2000 WS6 Ram Air TA. It only has 25K miles on it and I got it for a great deal. It has Borla exhaust, K&N filter, chrome lug nut covers, and I have reprogrammed the computer using the Hypertech Programmer. I have recently replaced the back tires with 275/40ZR17 Sumitomo HTRZ's and plan to match the front two soon. I have stripped all of the decals except for the TransAm on the sides. I call it my "stealth mode." It runs 13.4 in the quarter @ 105.9 I plan on putting 3:73 gears in it and a couple other slight modifications, my goal is to break 13 seconds! I have grown up around the track and always wanted one of my own, I finally got one!"



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